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Masquerade - ebook

31,99 29,75 zł (zawiera 5 % VAT)

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Hannah Fielding 





London Wall Publishing




A young writer becomes entangled in an illicit gypsy love affair, pulling her into a world of secrets, deception and dark desire.

Summer, 1976. Luz de Rueda returns to her beloved Spain and takes a job as the biographer of a famous artist. On her first day back in Cádiz, she encounters a bewitching, passionate young gypsy, Leandro, who immediately captures her heart, even though relationships with his kind are taboo. Haunted by this forbidden love, she meets her new employer, the sophisticated Andrés de Calderón. Reserved yet darkly compelling, he is totally different to Leandro but almost the gypsy’s double. Both men stir unfamiliar and exciting feelings in Luz, although mystery and danger surround them in ways she has still to discover.

Luz must decide what she truly desires as glistening Cádiz, with its enigmatic moon and whispering turquoise shores, seeps back into her blood. Why is she so drawn to the wild and magical sea gypsies? What is behind the old fortune-teller’s sinister warnings about ‘Gemini’? Through this maze of secrets and lies, will Luz finally find her happiness… or her ruin?

Masquerade is a story of forbidden love, truth and trust. Are appearances always deceptive?

About the author

Hannah Fielding was born and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, the granddaughter of Esther Fanous, a revolutionary feminist and writer in Egypt during the early 1900s. Upon graduating with a BA in French literature from Alexandria University, she travelled extensively throughout Europe and lived in Switzerland, France and England. After marrying her English husband, she settled in Kent and subsequently had little time for writing while bringing up two children, looking after dogs and horses, and running her own business renovating rundown cottages. Hannah now divides her time between her homes in Ireland and the South of France. She has written eight novels, beginning with Burning Embers. Hannah’s books have won various awards, including Best Romance for Aphrodite’s Tears at the International Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Awards, American Fiction Awards, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and New York City Big Book Awards; and Best Romance for Indiscretion at the USA Best Book Awards. She also won the Gold Medal for Romance at the Independent Publisher Book Awards (for The Echoes of Love), plus the Gold and Silver Medals for Romance at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards (for Indiscretion and Masquerade).

Hannah Fielding is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) and the association for Romance Writers of America (RWA). Her website and blog can be found at

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Kup Masquerade - ebook
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Masquerade - ebook

31,99 29,75 zł (zawiera 5 % VAT)
    • EPUB (znak wodny)
    • MOBI (znak wodny)
  • angielski


  1. 1.Finlay Donovan nadchodzi
  2. 2.W poszukiwaniu miłości
  3. 3.I że ci nie odpuszczę
  4. 4.I po co mi to było?
  5. 5.Nieznajoma z Sekwany
  6. 6.Tajemnica willi Sielanka
  7. 7.Nie ma tego złego
  8. 8.The Love Hypothesis
  9. 9.Trzy razy ty
  10. 10.Zgodne małżeństwo

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  2. 2.Nieznajoma z Sekwany
  3. 3.Nie ma tego złego
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  5. 5.The Love Hypothesis
  6. 6.Lato do wynajęcia
  7. 7.Siostra burzy. Siedem sióstr
  8. 8.I po co mi to było?
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